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Repair Service Tip
SVC Model (Product code)
All Television
Check List after Main PCB Replacement
Applicable Serial No.
Writer: James Weber / Alvie Rodgers C.E.T.
Symptom Detail:
Symptom Check:
After Main PCB is Replaced it is imperative the below actions are performed, if they are not updated or checked, issues can occur with customers ability to use “Premium Apps” Eg. Vudu, Netflix may not load properly. Incase of WebOS TV, if “IN-STOP” is not preformed after Main PCB replaced Magic Remote may NOT Pair properly. Screen size is also very important to verify for backlight dimming, wrong settings may cause issues.
※ First Step: After recording the White Balance setting in the old Main board being replaced (if video is present), Install the New Main board and Press “IN-STOP” on service remote to reset TV. - MUST be performed immediately after Main PCB is replaced.
1) White Balance Settings: (Before Removing Old Main Board)
If a picture can be seen on the Old defective board, write down the White Balance settings for Cool, Medium and Warm in the EZ ADJ Menu.
1.Using Service Remote Press “ADJ” and enter password 0413 to open the “EZ ADJ” Menu.
2.Select “White Balance” (Fig 1),
3.Write down the values (or use Cell phone Camera).
4.Enter these values into the replacement board. (Fig 2, 3 and 4). Note: These values will change model to model. They are set up according to the characteristic of the panel itself.
Fig 1
Fig 2
Fig 3
Fig 4
Note: If replacing an new Main board in a webOS model and the Remote won’t pair, follow this procedure; (Because In-Stop can not be pressed during the initial webOS set-up screens)
Press the “P-Only” key on the Service Remote (2nd Power Button “Power-On”), Burn-In mode is entered. Then press “EXIT” and finally press “IN-STOP”.
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