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2016 webOS 3.0 Compensation Guide
« : 26 Февраля 2017, 07:48:13 »
2016 webOS 3.0 Compensation Guide
During normal operation, the amount of time the TV is running is calculated in an OLED TV, (called UTT). To achieve optimum
performance every time the Panel has operated a set length of time, Panel Compensation is started. During Compensation the
panel internal elements are analyzed and balanced so that the panel produces better white balance and color uniformity.
Automatic Compensation is known as RS (Real Time Sensing Compensation). The amount of Panel run time has been
established as every 2 to 4 hours ( Dependant upon the model year). webOS 3.0 is 4 hours. This amount of time is set by the
es ab s ed e e y o ou s epe da upo e ode yea ) ebOS 3 0 s ou s s a ou o e s se e
Factory settings and is not accessible or changeable by the Customer.
On new 2016 OLED webOS 3.0 there has been an additional selection on the Customer’s menu in the Picture Settings. This is
known as “Clear Panel Noise”, (Technically known as JB Compensation). See next page for functional details.
When JB Compensation runs, it takes from 60 to 90 minutes. RS Compensation
runs first for about 8 minutes, next Cooling of the Panel takes about 53 minutes, White Lines Flash On Screen Top to Bottom
then during the last portion of JB Compensation, when the OLED output Elements
inside the panel are tested and adjusted so each cell can be balanced, the Panel
drive is turned on, a White Horizontal Line slowly moves from Top to the Bottom
of the screen during this time.
This indicates that Clear Panel Noise is running normally.
So the During JB Compensation, the panel’s elements
are scanned from Top to Bottom. So a dim
white line appears at the top and slowly goes
bottom line is that the TV performs JB Compensation
d th l h l t i d
automatically after 2000 hours of operation, the next time the TV is turned off.
Or it can be run from the Customer’s menu called “Clear Panel Noise”.
So the Customer must be made aware that During “Clear Panel Noise”
(JB compensation), a White Line moves down the screen for 1 minute and the
Customer may describe this phenomena as “Intermittent” or “flashes”.
Simulated Picture (down the panel as each element is scanned..
This is normal and indicates Clear Panel Noise
is working correctly.
Note: JB Compensation is the same as “Clear Panel Noise” in the
Customer Menu.
Lines may appear Top to Bottom)
JB compensation begins  Off RS runs (needs less than 10 minutes)  Cooling (about 53 minutes)  JB compensation ( 1 minute)
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